Check Out These 7 Advantages Of Using A Mac Laptop 6, Will Blow Your Mind


2 – Quickly preview the contents of a file

This incredibly simple feature – once you start using it – will leave you wondering how you ever lived without it.

Dubbed Quick Look, the system-wide functionality lets you peek into the contents of almost any file on your machine – without having to open it.

Apple users can quickly select a file within their Finder window and hit the space bar to launch a large preview window showcasing the contents of the file. Quick Look will let you scroll through a lengthy word document, zoom into a photograph, and will even play a movie file.

It’s incredibly convenient, and lets you double-check you have the right file before you commit to launching a fully-featured application like Photoshop, or Final Cut Pro.

It also means you no longer have an excuse for attaching the wrong file to an email.

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