British First man To Be Pregnant Is Almost set To Give Birth (SEE DETAIL)


A 20-year-old man has become the first ever to become pregnant in the country and will soon give birth.

The first British man to conceive a child is four months pregnant and proudly showing off his bump, Dailymail reports. He was born a girl before he legally began hormone treatment.

The man identified as former Asda worker Hayden Cross, 20, decided to pause his gender reassignment process so he could give birth. He found a sperm donor on Facebook and became pregnant four months ago.

He will complete his transition, which will remove his breasts and ovaries, after his child is born. Explaining his reasons to the Sun on Sunday, he said: ‘I want the baby to have the best. I’ll be the greatest dad.’

Hayden, who lives in a council flat in Gloucester and receives unemployment benefits, has lived legally as man for three years. He has been taking male hormones which have given him facial hair and a deeper voice.

He gave reason why he wanted to have a baby. He said: ‘I faced the prospect of not becoming the man I am supposed to be, physically, or a dad.

‘So I didn’t feel like I had any choice but to have a baby now then get back to transitioning.’

He said the anonymous sperm donor, who he didn’t know, delivered the sperm to his door in a pot and he inserted it with a syringe because he could not afford a proper clinic.

Now 16 weeks pregnant, he plans to have the baby before returning straight away to complete the ­transition process, which will remove his breasts and ovaries.

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