After sleeping with both women, imagine what he does to one of them


– A man on Twitter has gone viral because of his relationship tweet

– He asked for help for his friend who needs to get married by December

– The man has two equal choices of women whom he has been dating and needs to pick just one


A Twitter user has gone viral for a Tweet he posted seeking advice for his friend who wants to get married by December. The user’s name is Ayo FBI and his friend’s identity is not given.

Ayo said that his friend has two potential wives in his lives but is unable to decide which should be taken down the aisle. Both women are said to be independent, great in bed and good cooks.

The man is unable to make a choice as he loves both equally. See the tweets below:

couple on Twitter 1

couple on Twitter 2


couple on Twitter 3

Can you help Ayo’s friend pick a wife?


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