“8 Things Guys Do That Make Ladies To Lose Respect For Them”


There are certain things guys do that put ladies in the position to insult and disregard them even to the point that it becomes very difficult for such guys to earn respect from them despite the fact that he may have changed from his shameful acts.

Some of the things guys do that make ladies loose respect for them are;

1. Gossiping

Normally this is one of the idle hobbies ladies indulge in to relief their emotions but I count it as a total shame to see grown up men gossiping on meagre issues. I mean how will constant discussion on the kitty cat of ladies provide money or contribute to the economy of the nation?

2. Wearing dirty clothes

Some guys don’t even care about their outfit, wearing a particular underwear, socks and shirt for several days without washing it. Ladies will definitely find an excuse to push such guys on visitation away whose socks stink like dead rat. I am sure that some of our nairaland ladies must have experienced this situation.

3. Touching a lady’s butt/bosom at rowdy places

I detest guys who stylishly romance ladies in public most especially at rowdy places in order to satisfy their sexual urge. This situation happens more frequent at places such as congested buses, bus terminus, etc where some guys seize the opportunity to touch the untouchable. I am also a bit guilty of this act when me and a busty lady boarded an okada few weeks ago. During the juicy journey, I enjoyed the view of her dancing mangoes when the bike man was busy manoeuvring the galloped roads.

4. Urinating openly

Guys involve in this act are not different from a chronic lunatic because I don’t understand why a normal guy will openly urinate in public. Such guys should forget about ladies having respect for them and I think they need urgent psychiatric evaluation.

5. Drinking irresponsibly

The tolerance level of some guys consuming alcohol is very low but they always want to prove “I am the don” when friends push them into drinking competition. After getting drunk, they start misbehaving and eventually sleep on bare roads/dirty canals which annoys ladies a lot.

6. Cheating

Though the act of cheating hibernates in men’s blood but some guys have become heavy weight champion in chasing ladies shamelessly meanwhile they have a standby girlfriend. The question I keep asking is what does the other lady possess that is not in their girlfriend’s body?

7. Rape

I honestly support the recent invention of condom with teeth by a scientist to serve as defence mechanism for ladies and punishment for perverts. Rapists are not even respected in the society and no wonder their jail term is grievous.

8. Nagging

There are situations when a guy will be tempted to nag but if it becomes unnecessary and excessive, ladies at such scene will start loosing respect for him. Ladies hold high esteem for guys who knows when to talk and when to keep cool.
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Since the Op has started the aluta, let’s go there…. ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIA ASCERTA!!!

9. Wearing one Boxers for a Week

Whether you believe it or not, some dudes normally wear one boxers for a couple of weeks after which they will wash it with hypo and starch it the moment they know that they want to get laid. I also wear my own boxers for at least a week before washing it. Though my gf often complain of the stench always emanating from my boxers but do I have a choice?
10. Small Joystick/ One Minute Loving-Making

Ladies have no atom of respect for dudes who always boast of their bedmatics skills, only to climax after just three thrusts. I have been humiliated and discriminated several times by the reason of my small joystick. Research and findings have shown that ladies passionately detest guys with small joystick


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