8 Things a Man loves in a Woman


Most women don’t know what would keep their man; they think it’s only about sex and beauty. Some things are way more important than that. There are a million special things a man can love in a woman, but I bring you 8 very important things that a guy would cherish in a lady.


There is nothing like an ever smiling lady; nothing would melt the heart of a man more than a woman who’s generous in her smiling. These smiles are like diamonds, they make the beauty of a woman sparkle. A lady that smiles often is thought by many as one with a good heart.


Some ladies are blessed with this gift, yes I call it a gift because it’s rare; most women are more into complaining than listening to their man (and those complaints could drive men nuts). Alcohol is a man’s best friend when his lady is one that complains too much. Bars and pubs are places a man go to share his thoughts with himself or probably friends. But when he has a lady that has a good heart to listen to him, he’d be home with her rather than in a bar. Men always have issues to overcome and they would cherish a woman who would always be there to listen.


Gone are those days when men value women that depend on them for everything, definitely not the modern man. The modern man loves a woman who can pay one or two bills, have a little financial capability not the one that’s always asking; the type that would ask for everything from A-Z. Show him you too can come up with some goods and he’d value you even more.


This is something that’s lacking in many relationships these days, some women are more like lions waiting for the slightest moment to roar and pounce on its victim. Truth is, a respectful woman would win a man’s heart with ease. A woman who wants respect from her man should be ready to give him respect too. But beware, respect doesn’t mean ignorance; like I said in should I go back to my ex, any man who hits you doesn’t value you.

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