5 surprising reasons why your va gina will smell


Editor’s note: John Naphtali, the NAIJ partner blogger, in his latest piece lists five important issues that may cause the va ginal odour.

Naphtali is a health and relationship blogger for your informative digestion to keep you aware of the happenings in health and relationship world at large.

His Flexa blog is bringing you inspiring informative health and relationships articles to transform your everyday lifestyle.


There are quite a lot of unimportant factors that have been over looked by ladies which have majorly contributed in causing va ginal odour.

To start with healthy balanced va gina naturally has an acidic pH level as well as healthy bacteria to help keep infections away, that is to say, the va gina is self-cleansing.

Though it’s important to always keep your vir ginal area well maintained and catered for, it doesn’t necessarily mean high maintenance, but due diligence to keep it healthy.

For an example, wearing cotton panties ditching with nylons, keeps the area dry and prevents moist, is a few are ways to keep the area in top shape.

There is a normal saying that says prevention is better than cure, below are 5 causes of va ginal odour.

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