2019: APC will not field candidates for governorship, National and State Assembly elections in Zamfara State – INEC


Once again,  INEC has insisted that no candidate will be fielded by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Zamfara State for the Governorship, National and State Assembly elections.  

This was reaffirmed in a statement issued by the commission on Wednesday, January 30. According to the communique, “on the whole, there are 1, 066 candidates for the governorship elections, 14, 583 for the State Assembly elections and 806 for the FCT Area Council elections broken down into 105 Chairmanship candidates and 701 councillorship candidates”.  

The statement further clarified that the commission reviewed the situation of the APC in the state, noting that there are two rulings on the matter (State and Federal).

According to INEC, a State High Court in Gusua ruled clearly that APC in Zamfara conducted primaries contrary to the position of the commission, on the other hand, a Federal High Court in Abuja ruled that the party did not conduct valid primaries and therefore is not eligible to field candidates for the elections.