10 Tips on Making your Hair Longer Naturally


1. Stop With The Tight Ponytails or Buns
Try to steer clear of super tight ponytails or buns, or any kind of tight updo. Tightly securing your hair back with a rubber band stresses the locks and causes breakage. Over time, it makes your hair weak, so then it’s more likely to fall out and not grow as much. Tight bands can pull the hair from the roots, causing permanent damage. If you like wearing your hair up all the time, at least make sure it’s a looser style.

2.Eat A Better Diet
Believe it or not, the food you eat totally affects how your hair looks.leafy greens, veggies and fruits, shrimp, beef, soy beans, citrus fruits, cows milk, fish, nuts and sprouts. basically, they help promote stronger, healthier hair, which is the way to get longer locks.

3.Use Satin Pillowcases
Satin pillowcases might sound glamorous and unnecessary, but they’re actually really important in terms of healthy hair. Satin pillowcases keep your hair from getting tangled and dry. I started using one a year ago and I definitely notice a difference in my hair when I don’t sleep with one. Plus, they look awesome! If you don’t want new pillowcases, sleep with a satin or silk scarf wrapped around your hair.

4. Don’t Use Hot Tools So Often
It’s no secret that an excess of heat is bad for your hair. It can cause breakage, can make your hair really dry and can just permanently damage it. A few years ago, my sister started using a flat iron multiple times a day, every day. It only took a few months for her hair to stop growing completely. Seriously. She doesn’t use the flat iron as much as she used to and her hair has recently started growing again, but it’s still thin and prone to breakage. Personally, I try not to use hot tools every day. If you insist on doing so, make sure you at least use a heat protectant spray and don’t turn the setting up super high.

5. Get A Regular Trim
It might seem weird to cut your hair when you’re trying to get your hair to grow, but regular trims actually do work. The trim itself doesn’t make your hair grow – it just gets rid of the annoying dry split ends that have happened and allows for more growth. It also makes your hair look amazingly healthy.

6. Be Gentle With Your Hair
If you want your hair to look strong and long, you need to be gentle with it. You can’t just rip brushes through your hair to tear out knots or throw it up in a bun for two days without touching it. When you get out of the shower, carefully comb through your hair as gently as you can. Don’t violently pull at knots and tangles to get them out, as frustrating as they may be – carefully work to get them out. Also, don’t wash your hair every day. It is NOT good for it.

7. Protect Your Hair Against The Elements
Your hair is sensitive – it can’t just be out in the sun or the bitter cold all day without having something happen to it. Learn to protect your hair against your environment. When you go out in the sun for long periods of time, try wearing a cute hat or head scarf. When the weather gets colder, make sure you use hair oils and masks regularly for moisture.

8. Drink Water!
Hydrating your body will also hydrate your hair because it’s made up of water. Try having at least 8 glasses a day. This doesn’t promise results instantly, it just helps make your hair more healthy and happy.

9. Use Hair Masks Once A Week
The right hair masks are great for making hair less dry and brittle. They make your hair healthier and stronger, which encourages growth. Don’t go overboard with them, though – once a week should be fine. This blog has some great DIY hair masks you can make with stuff from home. I personally love doing apple cider vinegar rinses once a week because they get rid of product buildup and make my hair insanely shiny and soft. You can also regularly use hair oils like Moroccan oil or argan oil. Just put a tiny drop in wet hair.

10. Take Vitamins!
There are lots of vitamins out there that can help promote stronger, healthier, longer hair.


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